Digital transnational project meetings (TPM)

Due to the Corona pandemic, we have unfortunately not been able to meet in person at transnational meetings as planned. Since the start of the project in November 2020, we have arranged monthly digital meetings in order to exchange technical information and to learn about good examples from practice.

For this purpose, we have invited external experts from science and practice who have reported to us on their work in the topic area of "Health promotion and prevention in disadvantaged families".

The experts so far were:

Ms Solas and Ms Nanou introduced us to the work of the international organisation Save the Children and their research on the impact of Covid-19 on children in Europe.


Dr. Narimani is a researcher at the Institute for Social Health and informed us about the meaning and value of participation and prevention with special regard on health in families.


Ms. Bélorgey is an expert on health issues and explained to us the international networking of the Federal Centre for Health Education as well as projects and political initiatives in the field of health promotion and prevention.


Mr. Norvila is project manager and responsible for the "Eat wisely" project. About 60 institutions for children in Lithuania receive an annual grant to buy healthy food from regional producers and prepare a healthy meal with children.


Prof. Dr. Mazal is Professor of Labour and Social Law at the University of Vienna and heads the Austrian Institute for Family Research. He explained to us the development of family structures in Europe, with a special focus on the health of disadvantaged families and children.


Viktoria Selzer is a project manager at the organisation Transfer e.V. in Cologne. She introduced us to the NetFami, Gemeinsam.Gesund.Wachsen and B-Teams projects. All projects aim to promote the health of children and young people in day-care centres or schools. In this context, she particularly emphasised the participation of parents and children as an important criterion for success.

Szilvia Gyurkó is a criminologist working for the Hinatlovon Foundation in Budapest. She gave us an interesting input on the following topic: “Domestic violence: How Covid affected families and children living in abusive environment? How can professionals help these families and children?”