Training and employment

Acquiring skills in job-related and everyday life matters is an essential component of social integration. Together with external partners, Caritas offers a wide range of timely services and support for young people and adults with disabilities and their families at various locations in Upper Austria. The goal of Caritas is to contribute to the independence of people with impairments and, in this context, work and employment are of great importance.

Service areas and offers:

  • Ability-oriented activities
  • Job qualification
  • Work integration


Together with external partners, Caritas offers diverse and up-to-date training opportunities for young people and adults with disabilities. The trainee is supported according to his/her strengths, interests and needs. More information...


People with disabilities who cannot find a job in the free economy after leaving school are given a job in our workshops. They can gain basic work experience and practical life and work-related skills are supported and encouraged. We pursue the goal of developing and providing a wide range of employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Our offers vary from location to location, such as:

  • Work on behalf of external companies: Woodworking, industrial and system assembly and packaging.
  • Creative work in the production of own products from wood, clay, felt, fabrics, wax...
  • The cooperation in our economy-like enterprises such as kitchen, laundry, cafes,...