Therapy and counseling

Therapeutic services and a wide range of counseling services are available to children, adolescents and adults with impairments. They range from medical, psychological and psychotherapeutic counseling and therapy to our own Integrative Equestrian Center in St. Isidor.

Medical / clinical-psychological diagnostics

The medical / clinical-psychological diagnostics of children and teenagers serves to clarify a wide variety of issues.
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The following therapeutic services are available to children and young people with impairments:

  • Logopedics
  • Ergotherapy
  • Physiotherapy

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Integrative equestrian center

The Integrative Equestrian Center St. Isidor offers a special range of services for people with various impairments.

  • The encounter and movement with the horse is stimulating and relaxing at the same time and conveys both warmth and closeness.
  • The horse "lends" its legs to the person with impairment, he thus experiences a new sense of movement.
  • The contact with the horse also gives socially isolated people the feeling of being accepted.

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Outpatient Clinic St. Isidor

The Outpatient Clinic offers developmental diagnostic and medical-therapeutic as well as psychological assistance for children and young people up to the age of 18.

The aim of the interdisciplinary therapy concept is the optimal promotion of the development of children with impairments. Our services include: Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and hippotherapy as well as psychological diagnostics, counseling and treatment. Counseling and early support of parents and family members is an important concern for us.
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KIJUK St. Isidor (Children and Youth Competence Center)

The Caritas competence center (KIJUK) in St. Isidor is a contact point for parents whose children show psychosocial problems or behavioral problems. It bundles various medical, therapeutic and educational services as well as other counseling and support services for the entire family at one location.

The range of services is available free of charge to children and adolescents from the city and province of Linz from birth until the age of 19, without the need for a medical referral.
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