The Potential of Plurality

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Integration is a two-way process in which all participants must take steps towards each other. In practical terms, this means effort for both sides, rights and obligations, equal opportunities - for natives as well as immigrants.

With various projects, Caritas promotes the coexistence of people in Upper Austria as well as a climate of mutual respect.

Integrative Projects

  • Integration Centre Paraplü
    Paraplü is the contact and information centre for immigrants and local Steyr residents living in Steyr, dealing with a variety off issues concerning migration and cultural transformation. More information in German.

  • REKI - Regional competence centres for integration and diversity:
    Regional Competence Centers of Integration and Diversity (ReKIs) support the hosting society, respectively communes and municipalities, in their integration activities. 
    They were initiated and are financed by the federal office of integration of Upper Austria and operated by the NGOs Caritas and Volkshilfe Flüchtlings- und Migrantinnenbetreuung GmbH. Their core mandate is the facilitation of regional and communal integration processes.
    More information in German.

  • I-C-E - Integration-Caritas-Express
    The I-C-E project of the Integration Department therefore supports persons granted asylum and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection in the first steps: in contacts with authorities, in the search for housing, in the arrangement of qualification measures and with detailed information about the Austrian social, health and education system.
    More information in German.

  • Audioguide Arriving in Upper Austria:
    The audio guide "Arriving in Upper Austria" answers important questions about life in Upper Austria for refugees in multilingual audio sequences. Topics such as arriving in Austria, life in a refugee house, family, health, education, etc. are explained in an understandable way.
    Audioguide in German, English, Farsi and Arabic.

School, education, learning

  • Lerncafés (Learning Cafés): 
    The Lerncafés are a free learning and afternoon care service for children and young people from socially disadvantaged families. They are aimed at children and young people between the ages of 6 and 15. 
    ​​​​More information in German
  • Learning support and German language support: 

    We offer free learning support for pupils in Upper Austria and free German language support for pupils with a non-German first language
    as well as support for parents with dedicated counselling services. Learning takes place in small groups of 3-7 pupils with one to two appointments per week. The project is currently offered in: Linz, Steyr, Wels-Land, Urfahr-Umgebung, Vöcklabruck, Kirchdorf, Grieskirchen and Steyr-Land. There is also general learning support for children with German as a second language from the districts of Kirchdorf, Schärding and Steyr.
    More information in German

Women's Projects

  • FEMily for women with a migration background:
    The FEMily project aims to strengthen women with a migration background by taking the next steps towards (re)entering the labour market and becoming self-supporting. Women expand their competences through practice-oriented insights into professions and educational opportunities, voluntary work and exchange with peers from communities with people with a migration background.
    More information in German.

  • Project Jasmin: 
    The project is a low-threshold educational offer for women and girls with a migration background to become active against violence and oppression through empowerment. Workshops offer a balance between theoretical information, practical insights and physical action.
    We provide information about the legal framework. Women can learn first steps in self-defence and rediscover and experience their own physicality by participating in dance workshops.
    More information in German.

Projects for specific nationalities

  • LISA - Local Integration of Syrian Asylum Seekers:

    LISA offers needs-oriented (native language) support on the topics of securing a livelihood, finding housing and employment. Refugees of Syrian origin receive a positive asylum decision very quickly - usually within a few weeks. Especially the lack of German language skills and the lack of knowledge of the Austrian system are obstacles to optimal integration. Our staff accompanies and advises the clients when they go to the authorities, visit landlords, etc.
    In order to be able to answer questions that arise before, during and after recognition as quickly as possible, a native-language hotline has been set up: Mondays 2 - 4 p.m. on 0676/8776 8124

  • IVO - Integration of Displaced Persons in Upper Austria:
    The project supports people displaced by war from Ukraine in starting an independent life in Austria by providing comprehensive integration counselling from the time they are accommodated.
    Information and contact.

  • Meeting Centre Point of Ukraine:
    The meeting centre place where displaced persons from Ukraine can find counselling, support and exchange opportunities.
    More information in German.