Family relief and housing assistance

EMMA - Parents with child take time off

EMMA offers mothers or fathers of children with impairments the opportunity to go on a health cure together with their children.

During the day, when the mother or father is undergoing the therapies, Caritas caregivers take care of the children according to their needs. The health cure stay can be taken up by a parent who cares for a child with impairment from the age of 2, for whom increased family allowance is received and who is insured with ÖGK.

You can find more information on the page of the Austrian Health Insurance Fund.

Kinderhotel in Leonding

The integrative Kinderhotel offers care for children with and without impairments on certain weekends so that parents can take time out.

At St. Isidor in Leonding, a variety of play and occupational activities (celebrating festivals, painting, handicrafts, singing, etc.) for children and young people take place. Delicious meals and a special children's breakfast are provided. Diet menus can also be offered.
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Summer Activities in St. Isidor

Summer in particular is often a challenge for families. Kindergartens and after-school programs are closed and people with impairments need companionship.

For parents who go to work, this is often a difficult situation. That's why Caritas has its summer weeks for people with disabilities. We offer for children, teenagers and adults with impairments interesting summer offers.
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Mobile care and assistance for people with impairments

Mobile care and assistance is a support for people with impairments, who live at home with their family or in an apartment or shared apartment.

The goal of Mobile Care and Assistance is:
To support People with impairments, so that they can live independently live at home.