Children's Educational Institutions

Our aim is to prepare the children and young people for a life as independently as possible. The basis for our special needs education is the integration of children and young people with disabilities into society.

Integrative Curative Kindergartens

In our kindergartens, children with and without impairments are accompanied and cared for.
We encourage the children's strengths and interests and offer a variety of play and activity opportunities.

In the remedial education and integrative remedial education kindergartens the focus lies on the children and their abilities.
There they are supported and accompanied according to their own rhythm and needs.
and needs.
Our educators work according to the latest development in pedagogy and remedial education.

We work with therapists, psychologists, doctors and schools.
Cooperation with parents and guardians is also particularly important for us.
We support and complement the families in their educational tasks and promote social learning in small groups.
We take into account the different cultures of the children, but convey Christian values in everyday life.

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Integrative Curative Education After-School Centres

In our integrative curative education after-school care centres we support and accompany pupils with and without disabilities after school.

We support children and young people in their schooling, but also in their development and personality.
Holistic support and education should enable the children and young people to lead independent and self-determined lives.

Our after-school care centres offer a wide range of games and activities for a meaningful leisure activities.
The teachers also help the children and young people with their homework.

We want to

  • strengthen their personality
  • support their independence
  • accompany them in their social interaction
  • support them in their abilities.
  • Cooperation and exchange with parents and guardians
  • parents and guardians are very important to us.

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Specialist Counselling for Integration

On behalf of the province of Upper Austria, the specialist counselling for integration supports children with disabilities in their integration in child education and child care facilities.
The staff members advise teachers, parents and caretakers of the facilities.
They support the children in a targeted manner according to their individual needs.

Tasks and objectives
The specialist counselling for integration has two focal points:

  • Through a detailed needs assessment, the need for assistance is determined and the assistance hours are allocated.
  • The specialist counsellor observes and supervises the children with disabilities according to special educational standards in a child education and child care facility. The counsellor advises the teachers and parents.

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