House for mother and child

The House for Mother and Child in Linz helps pregnant women and women with their children to reorganize their lives after a divorce or in a loss or crisis situation.

The women experience security, help in clarifying legal issues, in dealing with debts and in dealing with authorities. Social workers support them in their search for a job and an apartment and, if desired, are also available after they have moved out. Together with social workers, the women develop new perspectives and plan their steps towards an independent life.

The social workers help to establish a positive mother-child relationship, to raise the children and to take care of the babies. Volunteers/families also support mothers and children in the form of mentorships.

In the House for Mother and Child, up to ten women and their children can find a place to live for a small rental fee. Each family has its own small apartment. The willingness to cooperate with social workers is a condition for living in the House. The maximum duration of the stay is 1.5 years.

Haus für Mutter und Kind

The House for Mother and Child is funded by Bundeskanzleramtes Bundesministerin für Frauen, Familien und Jugend.